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Group leader

Prof. Xiaoyan Song is deputy director of the Key Lab of Advanced Functional Materials, MOE of China. She is Distinguished Professor and winner of China National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. She got scientific and technological awards for four times. She has published over 270 papers in peer reviewed journals and has over 60 patents authorized. Since 2013 she has been engaged as the Associate Editor of IJRMHM, and serves as committee members of international academic societies.

Introduction of our group

Our interests are both fundamental research and tackling real-world problems. We aspire to discover new mechanisms and invent fabrication methods for high-performance metallic nanomaterials. Currently, our research mainly focuses on the stability of nanomaterials, nanostructured rare-earth alloys, nano- / ultrafine- / coarse-grained cemented carbides, and computational material science and its applications in materials design. We cordially recruit new members and postdocs in these fields.
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